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I caressed those full transsexual breasts and reaching up underneath her skirt massaged her thick cock.

I wondered if Lisa wive picked up this feminine beauty off the street. One night when I was tired from jet lag I let my wife go out clubbing dressed in a short sexy tight hot pants and halter ladyoy. I write steamy and chaotic tales of feminization, crossdressing, voyeurism and exhibitionism. The wife nibbles on the Ladyboy's ear while stroking her cock. I sucked his cock hard taking it up to the root in my mouth.

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She said something in Thai and my wife giggled. She had wice been drinking. The Ladyboy licks from the wife's nipples to her soaking wet pussy. In spite of myself, I just could not keep my hands off her.

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As I caressed her, the Ladyboy showed off her sexy ebony shemale ass and placed my hand on her girl cock. I dife hard.

Never before had I had sex like this, never mind being fucked in the ass by such a beautiful girl-boy. She however had other ideas and so did my wife. ladtboy

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I put the crate of beer down on the TV table and flung the bag of beach stuff on the floor next to the hat stand. But then what a fantastic sensation where I, the husband, was penetrated by the fucking the shemale while pounding my wife's cunt As I pumped away at my petitie asian wife, the Ladyboy got behind me and she pressed the head of her penis against my anus. She moved forward and I climbed up behind her. Shocked, I realize that this hot babe is not a beautiful lady, but a Ladyboy!

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She pushed the cock into my face and having completely lost all my male lafyboy I sucked it. Reluctantly Lisa admitted she would be much happier if she had a real Ladyboy with a huge she-cock pleasing her rather than a lesbian. She dropped onto all fours as I stuck my cock in her ass. As she pulled down her skirt and panties whipping out a huge erected cock, much bigger than my own.

My slutty petite wife swallowed the cum load of her well hung transsexual as I watched in the background. Before I could cum inside the katoey, she moved of the bed and my wife took her place doogie in front of me. The housewife searches the internet for escort until she finds a big cock Ladyboy.

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She makes contact, and when the Ladyboy comes in the door they hit it off right away. We had met in a bar in Thailand and subsequently we were married back here in the UK. She began rubbing her large cock and I felt aroused and sick looking aife this girl with a cock masturbating on top of me. Suddenly I felt a long burst of thick warm sperm pump into my rectum as the Ladyboy came inside me.

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The action was fast and furious as I fucked the shemale in the ass hole. The wife gently cleans it off with her tongue, tasting the mixture of their love juices.

They began stroking my thighs and rubbing my dick and balls and I became rock hard. When I had revisited the subject again later my wife and I agreed we would have fun with one. For their second wedding anniversary he takes her to a small English seaside town.

I watched as she stuck her dirty cock into his wife's mouth. I knew that she had been out dancing all night and suddenly I realized she had brought home another very sexy looking girl with her. We began passionately kissing each other and I sent my hand under her skirt to find an extra surprise hiding underneath her panties. I woke up late at night when my wife got home from the club and stumbled into our hotel room, giggling.

The dynamic between both is electric and they kiss and taste each other. I knew she was a Ladyboy yet somehow confronted with reality I could not believe my eyes.