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Looking for a new friend outside my Superior

Think about your average work week: How many of your daily tasks fit into the original job description you were hired to do?

Looking For A New Friend Outside My Superior

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Sometimes, this can be good exposure and a great way to build relationships with new people and teams. Here are some tips for dealing with the less relevant tasks that come across your plate. I work in corporate communications, but I often get requests from other departments to help edit promotional videos.

When you receive a request, be direct with others about your role, your typical responsibilities, and your priorities or current projects. That said, if you work on a team, helping out your co-workers and taking on additional tasks and projects is just part of the deal. I once helped place a rush order for t-shirts for an event, because I knew a vendor who would do it—a one-time task I was happy to do. They have better resources and are more familiar with the brand guidelines.

And these types of requests can be tricky to navigate or turn down. Then, go back and talk to your boss about the request, and you can decide how to handle it together. Chances are, anyone who's worked in a professional environment for a few years can share stories about silly things they've been asked to do.

Sometimes, you'll end up just having to do these things, with a smile, to help another person out. It might be frustrating in the moment, but it'll make a great story over happy hour one day.

However, if your willingness to run across town and buy your boss a tie for his important meeting is misconstrued as you wanting to be his personal shopper, discussing the details in person is a good way to send the right message, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

Could we look into another option for getting this done? But the trick to navigating these duties is learning when to roll with the situation and when to push back.

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