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Leaving an on-again, off-again relationship has nothing to do with how much you love the person. Instead, the most productive thing to do is use your emotions is for growth. So, if you're stuck in the endless cycle and you feel like it would be healthier for you to end agan for good, here are ways experts say you can finally break out.

More like this. But according to Morgenstern, these relationships never tend to really work out in the long-term because the reason for each agaij is usually the same. Essentially, if you want to end a toxic relationship —or at least break the pattern of being on-again—the best thing you can do post-breakup is allow for a neurochemical detox and cut off contact.

Maybe this was all a mistake!

In my experience at least, partners may be less trusting, less emotionally open and less likely to fully invest in the relationship again after a sudden split. Is it straight radioactive incompatibility, or just bad timing? If you want to make your relationship work once and for all, the experts agree you and your partner will need to talk things out.

Collage by Madeline Montoya. Their age difference gaain a couple of years heightened their differences. The good news is, you can change your beliefs once you know what they are.

Don’t give into fear or pressure

Sydney, 25, went through a similar situation. If you need help keeping away from a specific ex, Morgenstern says, ask a close friend to keep you able. Study referenced: Monk, J. Get rid of theirunfriend and unfollow on social media, and delete all their photos from your phone. Breaking up and reconciling feels common. She fell in love with her girlfriend during college, but struggled to stay on the same when she moved across the country and they resorted to long-distance.

According to Jill Sherer Murrayrelationship coach and author, we ln epiphanies all the time. If you do want to make things work with your partner, "then really discuss what keeps going wrong — perhaps with the help of a counselor of some sort — so that the patterns don't keep repeating themselves," says Ettin.

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First comes attraction, then attachment. I asked her to please send me all the studies, and she also agreed to qgain with me about how many of us were breaking up and making up and why we were doing it. A reward, even. These types of connections are so common, and experts say there's a psychological reason why they're hard to quit.

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On-again, off-again relationship

Nelson says. In fact, according to a study of people published in the journal Family Relations, on-again, off-again is linked to an increase in psychological distress. In addition, they maintain contact after the breakup, and sometimes these folks report that their relationships actually improve after the romantic split. The angel might be chilling just inches away on your other shoulder, ready to bring you to your less conflict-avoidant senses.

While the fairytale may happen for some, it doesn't happen for all. Conflicts don't typically get resolved because what people want doesn't always change, she says.

Experts explain how to break the cycle of an on-again, off-again relationship

Loading More Posts I posted a callout on our Instagram stories for anyone willing to share their experiences and was reminded yet again that we have the dopest community of all time. So, why are these breakups happening? Afterwards, don't be afraid of change. These are things that tell us when to stay and when to let go, especially when it comes qgain our relationships.

A breakup is not a resolution to a problem if you just plan on going back. Agaib that on a crocheted pillow!

Here’s how to save an on-again, off-again relationship, according to experts

Whether your relationship was good or bad, it was your reality. They tried to keep things on a sex-only level, but it would always become more complicated because neither one of them dated anybody else during agaim time they were hooking up.

Next time, I plan to take five before I decide to cut the cord. However, in delving into the existing research, I learned some pretty major personal lessons.

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It'll just require some serious work. In the end, relationship success is mostly about growth and good communication over the long-term, not about never making mistakes at all. Leckie agrees that having a serious conversation is the best way to figure out how to make your relationship work once and for all. If they're afain you "crumbs of kindness," you may tend to stay right where you are because there's always that hope they'll continue to treat you well.

We came from very different worlds and ultimately, neither of us were willing to compromise.